5 things that can bring more traffic on your website

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Ask the owner of a business or marketer that what they like to do most in the world, and the answer will be getting more customers. What comes after the customers on the list? It is all about getting more traffic to the website with the help of SEO content writers. With so many different ways, you may increase traffic on your site. Let’s take a look at some of them including the ways to boost the traffic of website for free.


This is the first obvious strategy to get traffic. Advertising on social media paid searching and display of the advertisements are the best ways of attracting visitors, getting the website in front of people and building brand.

Adjust the strategies to suit goals that are you only looking for more traffic or also looking to increase the conversions? Each channel has its cons and pros, so think before spending in the company. You may spend in the best SEO Company in Kanpur that will get you more traffic.

If you are thinking that more traffic to the website will get more sales then you also need to consider adding relevant keywords which also can be done with SEO content writing.

2-Get Social

It is not enough to create great content blogs and then hoping that people will find you. One of the best ways to get traffic is by using the channels of social media to promote contents. Twitter is better for snappy and short links, whereas promotion in Google+ helps the website showing in the search results. If your company is a B2C company, you may get publicity with Instagram and Pinterest.

3-Mix it

There is no formula of magic for the success of content marketing, despite what you believe. For this, vary the format and length of the content to make it appealing as much as you can for different readers. If you are unable to do it by yourself then you may also hire best SEO content writers in Gurugram. Blogs based on the news with contents such as infographics, videos and the pieces for best impact.

4-Write catchy headlines

This is considered as the most important element in your content. If the headline isn’t catchy, even the best blog will go unread. Go for the quality check and come up with catchy headlines as this gets more traffic. So, think carefully before publishing it. If you are unable to come up with it, it is better to hire writers from the professional organization.

5-Pay attention to the On-Page SEO

Do you think SEO is no more? Optimizing content for search engines is still a worthwhile and valuable practice. The best SEO services in Kochi go for this strategy. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it will also help you to boost the traffic that you are looking for.

Why professional help?

Our experts are considered best for professional SEO services as it provides more traffic to all its clients. All the team members help the clients to get the ranking on first in all the search engines. So, if you are looking for an increase in traffic, contact now.

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Write A Press Release with Words And Cappuccinos & Catch Eye of Targeted Audience

With the increased use of digital marketing and one of its arm content marketing, now almost everyone knows – what is a press release?  For those new to this segment, we will tell you in short. It’s a small write-up usually drafted by the PR team of the company. It contains all the details about the company and its events. Whether a product launch or any major shift in the company, the press release contains it all. Unlike blogs and articles, it’s written in sophisticated journalistic language and tone, relatable to that of a news story. It is directed towards boosting brand value and creating awareness.

The press release requires a combination of brain and crisp language to have the planned outcome. This is where Words And Cappuccinos with its professional press release service can be of great help. We allow you reap benefits of press release by providing ace press release writers.

How to Write a Press Release for an Event?

At Words And Cappuccinos, this particular question is very common. So, we have pointed out some ways to write a press release that gives amazing conversion.

• Remain Informative: In press release, remaining informative and at the same time relevant is the key. You miss the beat and it’s all over.

• Sophisticated Material Only: Sorry, it’s not the place for creative writers. Press release writing requires a mature writer and broadcast style of writing. Remember, it’s an official release and represents the brand.

• Experience is the Key: Everything requires continues efforts and focus. The same way only niche press release writers can handle this segment of writing.

What to expect from Press Release Writing Service of Words And Cappuccinos?

Like our all other services, at basic you can expect unique and quality content, quick delivery, practical pricing, and experienced writers. In addition to this, we have a different approach for press release and offer unique features.

• Digital Friendly Writing: Press Release in current scenario finds more place on digital platforms rather than print media. This is why our entire team of Press Release content writers is well averse of SEO content writing and place well-researched keywords throughout the content. This ensures that you all rank high when it comes to SERP and all these keywords are placed in a manner that they don’t obstruct the natural reading flow.  

• Synergetic Working: To make Press Release a real success, our team of dedicated and specialized writers works in accordance with the concerned team of yours. Our team knows the correct press release format; thus we can affirm that we deliver the best, present your right image and target the correct audience, not once but always.

We are there whenever you need

At Words And Cappuccinos, we are always with you. Throughout the press release creation stage as well post-creation, we are ready to help you. We would feel delighted to write for you and you can always ask for a press release sample from us.

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A Battle Where Quality Always Win – Content Writing Services – Words And Cappuccinos

Business is all about targeting the right audience. And when you are going the digital way content is your Chief Marketing Officer. Content is not all about words and quantity, perfection matters a lot. Do you want your website to rank? Want a perfect blend of words? And want your business to outreach? Then get your content from us. At Words And Cappuccinos, we take care that you get the best Content Quality. We know the only way to be best is to have quality. Nothing less and nothing more!

Words And Cappuccinos works with your business team closely to understand your products and requirements. Through using that data with our experience, analysis, and dedication, we produce the desired results.

Our aim is not only to create quality and well-researched content but to help our clients in earning profits through the creation of Brand Value. A specially drafted original art of words, tailored for you!

Market But Don’t Show It

Team members and worldly-wise content writers of Words And Cappuccinos cleverly market your products through their content but that doesn’t look like marketing. This is our key to write and successful content. Are you looking to hire content writers? Then first end up with this and then decide.  Because we have it all that you are looking for.

Professionals at Words And Cappuccinos ensure that you get expert writing services for the industry you belong to. It’s unlikely of us to use ‘shortcuts’ while en route to creating content. We plan and produce each portion of content with dedication and utmost care. This is the only way we provide content writing services.

Humans and Search Engines Like It Fresh

Nowadays there is so much content online and offline too. Therefore, smart audience and search engines only prefer content that makes sense, easy and above all is exclusive. Being avant-garde, Words And Cappuccinos plays differently from the league of content writing companies. We provide a full bouquet of services and deliver each with excellencies. Our services include:

• Article Writing: We have a team of article writers. As we understand that it’s not possible for a single person to deliver in a different way and tone that matches the industry requirements.  

• Blog Writing: Either you have a blog for the general topic or one which demonstrates the niche, for a company or not, we can deliver content for all your needs.

• Press Release: We ‘pitch’ all your announcements the correct way to attract the right set of customers.

• Web Content Writing: Through this service, we make your web presence dominant. This service in itself has a very wide scope right from SEO content writing to business and formal web content and we have it all.

• Product Description & Review: Your Product + Our Content = Sales & Profit

• Rewrite & Editing: Sometimes you don’t want to lose the crux of your content. So we wittily rewrite or edit it, whatever you want.

• Company Profile Writing: Company’s profile is the face of your business and we beautify it correctly.

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