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With the increased use of digital marketing and one of its arm content marketing, now almost everyone knows – what is a press release?  For those new to this segment, we will tell you in short. It’s a small write-up usually drafted by the PR team of the company. It contains all the details about the company and its events. Whether a product launch or any major shift in the company, the press release contains it all. Unlike blogs and articles, it’s written in sophisticated journalistic language and tone, relatable to that of a news story. It is directed towards boosting brand value and creating awareness.

The press release requires a combination of brain and crisp language to have the planned outcome. This is where Words And Cappuccinos with its professional press release service can be of great help. We allow you reap benefits of press release by providing ace press release writers.

How to Write a Press Release for an Event?

At Words And Cappuccinos, this particular question is very common. So, we have pointed out some ways to write a press release that gives amazing conversion.

• Remain Informative: In press release, remaining informative and at the same time relevant is the key. You miss the beat and it’s all over.

• Sophisticated Material Only: Sorry, it’s not the place for creative writers. Press release writing requires a mature writer and broadcast style of writing. Remember, it’s an official release and represents the brand.

• Experience is the Key: Everything requires continues efforts and focus. The same way only niche press release writers can handle this segment of writing.

What to expect from Press Release Writing Service of Words And Cappuccinos?

Like our all other services, at basic you can expect unique and quality content, quick delivery, practical pricing, and experienced writers. In addition to this, we have a different approach for press release and offer unique features.

• Digital Friendly Writing: Press Release in current scenario finds more place on digital platforms rather than print media. This is why our entire team of Press Release content writers is well averse of SEO content writing and place well-researched keywords throughout the content. This ensures that you all rank high when it comes to SERP and all these keywords are placed in a manner that they don’t obstruct the natural reading flow.  

• Synergetic Working: To make Press Release a real success, our team of dedicated and specialized writers works in accordance with the concerned team of yours. Our team knows the correct press release format; thus we can affirm that we deliver the best, present your right image and target the correct audience, not once but always.

We are there whenever you need

At Words And Cappuccinos, we are always with you. Throughout the press release creation stage as well post-creation, we are ready to help you. We would feel delighted to write for you and you can always ask for a press release sample from us.

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