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resume-writing-servicesOne candidate hears back from a job interview and the other does not. What’s the difference? What do you think? Of course, ability is a thing however, there’s another important element that plays a role here. That is, their resume. Anyone can write their resume but a professionally crafted resume stands out in the pile for sure.

Why Hire a Professional Resume Writing Service?

There are a lot of achievement stories, years of gaps and information that you don’t know where to add. You don’t even know whether to add it or to skip it entirely. You don’t know what the latest recruiting trends in the HR landscape are and how to present your experience in alignment with these trends. There are thousands of templates and resume writing formats available but no format strikes the exact career story you wish to illustrate. While these are but a few little factors, they can create a lot of spice in a resume piece.

Words and Cappuccinos offers professional resume writing services for job seeking professionals as well as recruitment agencies. Check out some of the characteristics of our resume writing services.


  • Impress the HR Recruiters in First Glance

With attractive by lines, profile summaries and introductions, your interviewers are sure to pause and pay attention to your career details. Coming from backgrounds of human resources, recruitment, career counselling and personality development, our writers, with their working experience know how to write a perfect resume for a job you are looking for.


  • Draft Your Career Story

This is one of the biggest roadblocks many job seekers tumble on. While it is a good practice to organize your career into bullet points, when it comes to serious hiring this is not enough. A great resume writing format doesn’t just present the information but communicate it in a connecting, compelling way. The resume writing services at Words and Cappuccinos are aimed at hooking the recruiter, and not just mentioning the details in a resume.


  • Accolades & Little Achievements

If you have a bunch of little achievements and wins under your belt but don’t know how to present and organize them on a single paper of a resume, we got that settled for you. Our resume writers will pack and wrap your details in a format that will be compact and complete at the same time.

 If you are looking forward to write a resume for job, you can send us your resume for a free evaluation or get it written through our resume writers!


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