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Web Content Writing Great web content isn’t just about hooking in a bunch of keywords into chains and creating a structure out of it. A piece of web content isn’t just about information and details, but much, much more than that. Rather, a piece of web content, whether simple or complex, involves an entire process of idea generation, research, strategy, communicative elements, and creative touch, alongside of course, keywording. After all, the website content represents the voice of your business.

Words and Cappuccinos has been offering high-end website content writing services since 2011. With a team of top-of-the-line website content writers, our web writing services strive to create content that will leave a long-lasting impression in the memory of your website’s visitor. Here’s a brief outline of our website content writing services. Read on.


  • Landing Pages & Social Media


Landing pages do the work of welcoming your visitors with a brief hello. They do the work of introducing the visitor to your message in a quick fashion. Therefore, the choice of words matters a lot here. Likewise with social media websites. Our website content writers make sure that your website makes the visitor always come back for more.


  • Proofreading & Quality Checks


While minor grammatical errors and editing mistakes can go invisible to the layman, at times, they can cost a client to a business. We understand that. Therefore, we are working with our team of content writers make sure that your website content passes through proofreading and revision processes before it is published on the web.

  • Plagiarism Free Content


Paraphrasing, copycatting, and violating third party copyrights is strictly prohibited in our company, for all writers and editors. You can be assured of 100% plagiarism free content for your website.


  • Industry Specific Content


With industry, the content also has to vary in terminology, tone and style. For instance, a travel or fashion website would require a flowery language while a technology website would require a formal tone. Keeping this in mind, our website content writing services involve use of industry specific technical terms and tone while synchronizing it with the voice of your business.


  • Search Engine Optimization


Let’s say you offer the best services in your niche, your website is designed by top-spot web designers and the content is terrific, however it doesn’t include the right keywords. Now what happens is, this shrinks the website into the bottom sections of the search results. After all, the search engines don’t understand the language of content and design. They understand the language of keywords. Hence, our SEO content writing services are aimed at plugging in optimized keywords in your web content to rank it at the top in search results.

If you are looking to create a new website for your business or upgrade the existing one, you can request content writing samples from us.

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