Press Release Writing

Crafting a good press release is often the first step to launching a business, product or company. Of course, the medium of press release matters a lot but what matters the most is the content of the press release. Each day, magazines, journals and papers are flooded with numerous press releases competing to gain attention. In such a scenario, we require a compelling news story, a crisp structure and attracting headlines to skyrocket the business visibility.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a written record of information released by a business or organization in order to update or inform their audience about their products or services. The format of a press release is slightly different from that of an article or a blog. Unlike a creative marketing piece, a press release is an official piece of content, and hence, requires a language which is formal, to the point and hard structured.

At Words and Cappuccinos, we offer high-quality, fast and cost-effective press release writing services while adhering to the formal tone and press release formats. Words and Cappuccinos is a top-spot content writing service catering to clients in a multitude of industries and genres. Check out some highlights of our press release writing services.

Avail Search Engine Optimization Services for Digital Press Releases

Great press releases aren’t just spun out of information but also include the right keywords. Keywords are an essential requirement to make your business name swim at the top of search results and not get drowned in millions of them. Our team of press release writers are trained in SEO content writing. They will research and use the keywords appropriate for your press release.

Be Assured of Correct Grammar

Even a tiny error in grammar can cause the attention of journal editors on alert. We proofread your press release just the enough number of times to make it grammatically correct. Whether it is your boilerplate copy or the long-form piece, it is passed through proofreading and grammar checks before it reaches you.

Include Quotes from Business Executives

Including quotes and statements from the top executives of your business increases the credibility of the press release. Also, it attracts interest among the industry experts as well. Therefore, if you too wish to include some of such statements, our press release writing service offers flexible communication with your team, CEOs and top executives.

Cover Live Events

Events like interviews, meetings, conferences, product launch sessions and others require recording of important details in a written format. If you are looking forward to release the details of your business events, our writers know how to write the perfect press release for your event.

If you wish to write a press release for your service or product, you can request a press release sample from us.