Product Descriptions Services

When it comes to online stores and e-commerce portals, a product description is the window that calls the visitor to click on ‘Add to Cart’ button. Of course, the customers know ‘what’ to buy but what they don’t know is ‘why’ to buy. This is where a product description secures their ticket. A good product description copy sells the product hundred times quicker than a bad copy or a listing without any copy. Product descriptions require a specific language and technique that only the professional product description writers can provide. Hence, it’s always a good idea to hire content writers to write the product descriptions for your online store.

Words and Cappuccinos is one of the top-selling content writing services for various industries including fashion, jewellery, retail and more. If you too have an e-commerce store that demands some good quality product descriptions, our product description writing services will help you spin these for your website. Below mentioned is a glimpse into our services.

Tone of Language

While some companies require tough, formal tone, some others prefer a cool, connecting word phrases. Depending on the selling story of your business or brand, our product description writers strive to craft just the right piece for each of your products.

Sell the benefits

Decorative and flowery descriptions are interesting but they don’t always work when it comes to selling your product. We understand that. And so, we make sure that your product descriptions are right blend of descriptive language as well as of the promotional copy.

Show them the ‘Why’

Simply stating the features and benefits of a product is not enough to convince the customers for purchase. It should have an emotional hairline and story that connects with the visitor. By adding triggering fragments to the descriptive details, we make sure your product description copy is convincing enough to convert your visitors into your buyers.

Search Engine Optimization

Suppose you do have descriptions to your products but are they scannable too? Our product description writing services are inclusive of SEO content writing so that in addition to hooking your visitors, it attracts even more visitors from the web too.

Focus on your target segment

Product descriptions don’t go in details. Their work is to quickly plug the visitor so that they can click their way into the shopping cart. While writing a product description copy, it is highly crucial that we have a sound understanding of the customer who is reading it. Therefore, before writing any product description, our writers take time to gain a proper understanding of your business and your target customers.