Rewriting & Editing

There is a saying that, there is no such thing as good writing but only good editing. Of course, writing itself is a rollercoaster process; it is the process of editing that makes it worth reading. There is a slight difference between rewriting and editing services, and that is, while the editing process deals with the knick-knacks of spellings, punctuation and grammar. On the other hand, rewriting involves paraphrasing, restructuring and sometimes, remolding the entire content structure. Editing is done to polish the content quality while rewriting is done to make it more attractive to the readers.

At Words and Cappuccinos, we offer both the services along with revisions and proofreading of content. Following is a glimpse of what we offer in our rewriting and editing services.

Detailed Editing

Whether it is the case of a simple comma in a headline construction or whether it is elaborate verb and spell check in a long-form piece, our writers and editors are well trained to include the tiny minorities that might add another to your content quality.

Re-wire the Content in a Crisp Language

During rewriting, we employ some of our best article rewriters, who use high-quality paraphrasing techniques to restructure the content while making situational changes in verb choices, length of strings and grammatical syntax. With Words and Cappuccinos, hire content writers that will reframe your content in an all-new content fashion while adhering to the necessary editing services.

Stylizing the Sentence and Paragraph Structures

Sometimes fixing a piece of content means removing redundant words & phrases, rewriting loopy sentences and smoothening clause transitions. Our writers and editors refer to high-end style guides and verbatim glossaries to stylize your content into a better communicative quality.

Organization is the Key

At times, even the best piece of content can miss this quality point. No matter how great the storyline is, no matter how accurate the language is, no matter how flowery the description is; if the sentences aren’t directed in a particular direction, the quality gets stuck. Readers, after all, don’t like to wander haplessly from here to there and there to here. If your content is missing direction, we align it to a sharp focus so that it reads smoothly and takes your customer where you wish them to take.


Keywording doesn’t always imply stuffing a piece of content with appropriate keywords. Rather, it is an elaborate process of research, keyword selection, insertion and rewriting. Words and Cappuccinos offers one of a kind SEO content writing services for a new or existing piece of content.