Website Design

Paul Cookson said,

Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.”

When it comes to web designing, the look definitely matters, but it is not just what matters. Web designing goes much beyond appearance. It is more about smooth functioning, and without it, nothing makes any difference. Also, originality is pivotal as people don’t like looking similar thing everywhere

A website acts as the showcase of your business on the digital platform. So, it must be accurate and must fulfil the purpose. For this, it is essential to take special care while website designing. A small slip can wash away your goodwill in the industry. As studies suggest, it takes only 0.05 seconds for people to make an opinion about your website. Moreover, website design is the basis of judging the business credibility for 75% of the users. The facts highlight the importance of good website design.

Presently, the trend of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website building tools is gaining significance. Many people have started considering website development as plain sailing. But is it really so? Not at all! No one solution is a perfect fit for all.

For designing a befitting website, one needs to know various areas like coding, graphic designing, etc. You might not know all! Therefore, it would be fruitful to appoint a website design company, having experienced people to look after different segments of website design & development.

Creating Website Using PHP & MySQL

Designing a WordPress website is simple. However, if you need a custom-made website, more technicalities come into the picture. But PHP is there to help. It is an open-source language that has the ability to interact with numerous databases like Oracle & MySQL. PHP assists in making dynamic web pages and permits embedding with HTML. Moreover, using PHP, the entire website can be redesigned without any need of changing & uploading every webpage as PHP script can access the whole information from the MySQL database.

Why Choose Us?

To be very honest, website development is group work. Designing a fully operational website demands varied resources. Right from technical expertise to creativity and ready-made website design templates to templates built on order; Words & Cappuccinos have it all. With us, we have brilliant minds who are passionate about their work and are always open to challenges. Having been in the industry since 2011, we have gained a huge experience and learned a lot. And we will keep learning throughout to become better. We appoint highly learned web developers and are ready to deliver an impeccable website for you.

Words & Cappuccinos is a one-stop-shop for all your needs related to website design. And our rates are economical too.

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Whether you want to have a WordPress website or a Custom-Built, we are there to do it for you. The need is to know your exact requirements, which calls for a one-to-one discussion. Because “Ideas run wild without discussion’, said Serge King. So, let’s discuss.